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Insulation Attic Blow-ins

Attic Blow-Ins

L&L Insulation specializes in attic blow-ins as well as re-blowing to gain greater R-value.

Loose fill fiberglass insulation is used in our attic blow-ins. A variety of R-values can be used in the attic when building your home. The greater the R-value the more insulation is used.

An attic re-blow is when new insulation is blown into the attic on top of the existing insulation to gain a greater R-value. Re-blowing an attic can greatly help in controlling heating and air conditioning costs throughout the year.

Some energy companies and government agencies have rebates available for re-blowing your attic. These rebates vary based on your location. L&L Insulation does not guarantee rebates in your area, nor do we submit them for you. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to follow through with the rebate process.